Shari’a Today


Author Dr. Muhammad Khalid Masud
ISBN: 978-969-37-0646-8
Price in US$: 10
Publication year: 2014
Pages: 231


Shari’a Today:

“Essays on Contemporary Issues and Debates in Muslim Societies”

Shari’a has been the most debated subject in recent years. This book Shari ’a Today offers an overview and analysis of these debates. It addresses the issues of modernity, epistemology, normativity, secularism, ideology, authority, power, governance, gender equality and legal education. The book consists of essays written during 1994 and 2009.

With an introduction to the development of Islamic law as Shari ’a, and to the Islamic legal theory the book will hopefully interest students, researchers, teachers, and policy experts who are interested in Shari’a and the relating debates. It offers a critical contextual understanding of the present debates and raises questions about the future of Shari ’a in the present globalization world.



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