Politics of Madrassa Reforms in Pakistan


Author: Dr. Maryam Siddiqua

ISBN: 978-969-7576-17-3

Price in US$: 15

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 228


Politics of Madrassa Reforms in Pakistan:

Enlightened Moderation & Islamization

The book rightly shatters the misconception that madrassa curriculum inculcates or provokes violence and militancy against others.

This piece of writing is a canvas which reflects that whatever was called as disparities among madrassa administration and state was actually a consensus between them under the reform plans. The author has viewed the reform plans in a broader spectrum and has not overlooked their impact on all stakeholders including society.

The central concern of the book is finding out reasons that prevent both the state-led madrassa reforms in General Zia-ul-Haq and General Pervez Musharraf era from producing conceived outcomes of bringing about substantial changes into madrassa system of Pakistan.

The ideological foundation of the reform plans in both addressed eras apparently seemed divergent to each other, but an in-depth study showed they were parallel to each other and the ultimate objective of both the reforms was a sub-set to each other.

There were numerous institution of the state that was even in a more wretched condition than the madrassas and were required urgent state car but madrassa was picked up readily by both the regimes form reforms.


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