Pakistan Countering Terrorism


Author: Dr. Husnul Amin & Dr. Maryam Siddiqa

ISBN: 978-969-7576-15-9

Price in $: 15

Publication year: 2017

Pages: 235


Pakistan Countering Terrorism

Challenges and Prospects

Pakistan is confronted with multifarious challenges posed by sectarian and terrorist ideologies, network and organization. Some of these violet manifestations are home-grown while others are having the support of external entities. The nature of these extremist ideologies and group is exclusivist, monopolist, puritan and totalitarian.  Although the tragic incident of 9/11 and its aftermaths are supposed to be the main driving motive behind the emergence of these violet networks, nonetheless the history of these violent trajectories may be traced back to several developments in the 1970s and 1980s in Pakistan. Afghanistan as well as the Middle East. Few of these include the emergence of Islamic Revolution in Iran “1979” And USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan “1979” compounded with the military rule of General Zia-ul-Haq “1977-1988” seeking accommodation for his regime and his top-down Islamization program.

Why Pakistan does not have a counter-terrorism narrative?; the authority of Ulama and the problem of anti-state militancy in Pakistan; Pakistani women’s struggle against violence and extremism; re-visiting counter terrorism strategies in Pakistan: an analysis of the National Action Plan; politics of counter-terrorism and the 21st constitutional amendment in Pakistan; Pakistan’s military operations: the counter-terrorism strategy (2001-2013), prospects and implications; militancy and counter-militancy: impact on Pakistan’s foreign policy; conclusions and the way forward.


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