A Documentary History of Islamic Education in Pakistan (Volume-I)


Author: Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad and Dr. Husnul Amin

ISBN: 978-969-9556-15-9

Price in $: 25

Publication year: 2016

Pages: 344


The Pakistan Educational Conference 1947; The Sharif Commission Report on National Education 1959; Syed Moazzan Hussain Committee Report: The Islamic Arabic University Commission 1963-64; East Pakistan Madrasah Education Board 1966; papers and proceeding of a seminar on Madrassa education 1966-67; M. Nur khan Commission Report 1969; The New Education Policy 1970.

Leafing through the history of Pakistan since its inception in 1947, the demand for replacing the education system inherited from the British with an Islamic system of education has been made by various social, religious and political quarters. In response, the successive governments in Pakistan established various commission and committees to prepare guidelines for chalking out how Islamic education could be incorporated in the nation’s general education within the broader objectives of a “true Islamic society and the state”…… A chronological approach adopted in these volumes would facilitate students and research to track down the historical evolution of the policy process as well as similarities and differences, if any, in the approach of successive governments.


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